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Stick to Politics, Kasich!

by Boutros B. Ghali

Happy New Year's eve-eve everyone. I've been telling myself I need to start writing on the site more since I think I am finally over the stressful World Series run by the best team we have ever seen in Wrigley Field. Then, today I started to rant on the Son Ranto Ranter's page and realized that my rant was too long for Facebook and easy enough to put together something to kick-start my Son Ranto writings even before the new year. 

The podcast world is in a bit of a lull right now with the holidays and Ivy Envy having technical issues, so I have been searching out new content. I saw that there was a Kerry Wood interview on the "Best of Dan Patrick" podcast so I downloaded it. Unbeknownst to me, before Woody, there was an interview with the Governor of Ohio, former presidential candidate and current douche-bag, John Kasich. 

The interview was done on October 28th so I assumed Kasich was on to discuss the Cleveland Racist Depiction of Native Americans in the postseason, but I was very wrong. He wanted a large platform to rant about the current state of baseball in America. 

In Kasich's opinion, the sport of baseball "is going to die." John Kasich, while Cleveland was in the middle of the highest rated seven game World Series since 2001 and highest average viewership since the Red Sox swept the Cardinals in 2004, was on a major sports show to make his case for why baseball was dying. Yep, I was surprised too.

According to Kasich, the sport of baseball is going to die because they do not have revenue sharing of the same type as the NFL and the NBA. He thinks this is an issue because only the big market teams, he names the Cubs directly, have a chance to win. He then explains how a team like the Cincinnati Reds is at a disadvantage because they can not afford to pay players as much as a big market team.

And there you have it. Kasich is a fucking Reds fan and is crying because the Cubs were in the World Series while his favorite team was apparently holding a bake sale in order to keep paying on Joey Votto's 12 year $251 million dollar contract. 

I guess when he was beaten in his area of expertise by a guy who is an idiot about politics, Kasich decided to try and go the same route by seeing if he could gain a following by making stupid statements in an area in which he apparently knows very little. Because he put this thing out to the world in the way that he did, two months later, Boutros B. Ghali (also known for saying stupid shit), can take a moment to rant about why this is pure stupidity. 

First off, 2016 was the most profitable year ever for the MLB. Not only does it look like they are going to break the $10 BILLION mark this year, but it is the 14th straight year in which the profits for baseball have risen. My guess is that he knows way more about finances than I do, so maybe I do not understand how 14 straight years of growing profit is the harbinger of doom for the sport. 

Second, he points out that the Reds were not able to pay Cueto so they had to let him go. Ummm, no. The Reds could have afforded to pay Cueto the $130 million for 6 years that the Giants paid. It would have made no sense though because the entire Reds team was bad. Instead, they dumped him for some good prospects in order to tray and build a good team. That was a choice, not a necessity for a team owner whose ballclub's value  has increased $635 million in ten years.

Third, if the question is about big market vs small market, it does seem that big market teams do seem to do better in baseball. Of course, Cleveland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, and Tampa Bay are all in the bottom half of the market size by population and all have been in the World Series at least once in the last decade. Since 2006, 8 of the World Series teams have actually been from the bottom half of the market so maybe it's not so much about big market/small market. 

Last, Kasich is a Republican. Haven't the Republicans been screaming about how President Obama is a communist and trying to redistribute wealth for the last 8 years? I'm not sure how a Republican politician can come out on the side of revenue sharing in any form. I guess it only makes sense if the elite, super rich are sharing the wealth with other elite, super rich people. Wait, what?

Every time that an athlete or sports media person says anything political, it is inevitable for the internet to quickly and loudly shout them down by saying "Stick to Sports!" So, I'm going to take this opportunity to say to John Kasich, "Stick to Politics!" 

Okay, that's it. Thanks for reading. Hopefully I'll have something a bit more topical than a two month old news story to talk about next time.

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