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Dirty Birds and Cubs Begin tonight!

By Danny Rockett

The first of nineteen games played between the Cubs and Cardinals this year begins tonight, and it's snow joke that because of the snow you can get tickets to every game at the end of this 2-3 home stand (so far) on Stubhub for under 10$ because of the wintry weather! Shop through this link and we'll get a cut. Probably about a nickel.

Seriously folks, I know it's April, but every game against the Cardinals or any interdivisional rival matters more. If you can make it out to the ballpark and make a little noise, do it. I'll be there. So how are the Cardinals doing and how do they match up against the slow starting Cubs?

Well, The Cardinals, 9-7, have played 2 more games than the Cubs, and won two more games than the Cubs who are 7-7. They've also had a tougher schedule, facing the red hot Mets, Milwaukee twice, and Arizona. They also managed to sweep a 4 game set in Cincy over the weekend so they're coming in hot! The Cubs on the other hand were swept by Cincinnati in a 1 game 1-0 Chattering Chatwood game a couple weeks ago and are coming off a crazy comeback win in the driving sleet. The Cubs really put the Win in Winter. Though not really....

The Cardinals best the Cubs in nearly every offensive category. They've hit 9 more homers. (3rd). Hit for a higher average. Stolen more bases and scored more runs. The Cubs are better in one distinct category. Getting hit by pitches. 15 total to their 6. Ouch! Thus, the Cubs OBP is slightly higher. Silver lining or just black and blue?

Pitching. The Cardinals team ERA is over half a run better. But their starters are over 2 runs better. The Cubs starters are 3rd worst in the majors! Double ouch! One bright spot has been the Cubs relievers who are over a run better than the red birds pen. #OurBullPenisAwesome

The Cardinals bullpen has been injured. They have been missing lefty Brett Cecil, Luke Gregerson, Ryan Sherriff, and Sam Tuivailala. Jedd Gyorko also pulled a hammy and is on rehab. But Gregerson could be back by Monday according to reports. 

So who's pitching that's not injured?

Game 1

Adam Wainwright 0-2, 5.06 vs Tyler Chatwood 0-2, 4.91 in 38-29 degrees

-Waino gave up 3 runs through 7 and walked no one against Milwaukee last time out. Gave up 8 hits.

-He had 3 starts last year against Cubs. Pitched well 19.2 IP, 4 runs. But Cubs won 2 of the games 3-2 and 2-1. Then they got shutout 5-0

Rakes-Rizzo, Heyward, Contreras homered off him

Flakes-Schwarber 0-10. All Cubs bat .227 against him.


-Tyler Chatwood couldn’t whisper a single bat (penis). 5 runs through 5. K’d 7 against the Pirates.

-Faced St. Louis last year in an inning of relief. Gave up a run, walked 2.

Rakes- In 27 total PA’s against Chatwood. Cards OBP .444

Still Rakes--Even Adam Wainwright has 2 hits and he’s on the hump Monday night.

Game 2

Michael Wacha 2-1, 5.52 vs Jon Lester 1-0, 4.40

45-35 degrees

-Wacha gave up 4 through 5, 3 earned against Cincy. Walked 3

-Saw Cubs 4 x last year. 5 runs twice, 6 runs once. Cards lost every game.

Rakes-Rizzo, 3 HRs and is batting .450 in 43 PA's (Welcome back Tony!)

Still Rakes- 2 homers each for Bryant, Happ, Contreras, Schwarber. Russell homered once

Flakes- Heyward 2-14


Lester gave up 4 over 5 innings against Pitt. But Cubs won 13-5

Faced Cards 5x last year. 30.2 IP 10 earned runs. K’d 10 Cards last July and went 8 innings.

Rakes- Gyorko has 2 homers and is batting .316. Pham also homered 2x

Flakes-Carpenter .136 with a .188 OBP in nearly 50 PAs

Game 3

Luke Weaver 1.59 vs Kyle Hendricks 0-1, 3.71

High of 53 degrees!


-Luke went 6 and gave up 2. Struck out 7 against Cincy last time

-Faced Chicago once in 2017. 8 runs on 7 hits. Only went 3.

-Baez, Bryant and Russell have homered.

- Cubs .459 OBP against in 32 PAs


-Kyle gave up 2 through 6, but the Cubs lost to the Pirates 6-1. He Kd 7

-Cubs lost all 3 games he's pitched this year.

-Saw STL 3 x last year, Cubs won all 3. Went 7.2, 1 run, and also gave up 4 through 4 and 0 through 5.

Rakes- Carpenter 3 homers in 32 PAs

Flakes- Yadi 23 PAs, batting .200


And Now....Cubstradamus Predicts! 

Game 1- Cardinals 3-1

Game 2- Cubs 9-4

Game 3- Cubs 6-5


Buy tickets and come on out to Wrigley! It's cheap!! 



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