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By Danny Rockett

Impressive Ass Stat of the day....the Cubs have never lost while I have been in attendance at a game in 2018. Remember that when I'm looking for tickets in July, and also today when the Cubs play the Giants in their stadium in Scottsdale. I'll be back in action with the Cubs tomorrow.

Javy made 2 amazing defensive plays. Rizzo and Contreras went back to back (which I of course missed because I had to pee and then decided to kill myself with a cigarette), and Rizzo almost made a tarp catch. Well, not really, but 10 more feet and he's on the tarp. Either way it looked kinda like a tarp catch. And check out the pics I took of some "Javy Tag Porn" aftermath.

One Out Bitch!

So...the Cubs came to play. The defense looked to be in mid-season form. While one of the minor leaguers that took the mound was of them...Butler, Mazzoni, Farrell, Maples, Mills, Underwood, or De La Cruz, I was thinking to myself how much these young pitchers must enjoy having a stellar defense behind them. That's some FIPPY Shit right there...

The Cubs scored 3 in the 4th on the aforementioned Rizz-Willson back to backs after Bryant singled. And they scored a couple more in the 6th on 2 errors by the Texas minor leaguers after the game got sloppy with youth. The Rangers only run was on a Wild Pitch that was eventually ruled a Passed Ball according to the box score.

A couple of takeaways from the pitching. Butler couldn't get through the 2nd and took himself out after 2 singles and 2 walks. Meh...he's our 6th starter. And Dillon Maples can really wing it up there! He struck out the first batter and made him look kind of silly by changing speeds effectively. But after giving up a double and a walk, Maples kind of looked like a video game pitcher when he gets tired. I could almost see the exhaustion marks coming off his head complete with labored breathing and slumping shoulders. He was helped tremendously by a nifty double play started by camera junkie catcher Taylor Davis that went 2-5-3. 

Photo gallery of the game available here! Oh...and Reebok is having a $29 sale on walking shoes with code "Feb29"

It was nice to be back and see everyone again. Fly the Double Yu!


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