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Start Spreading the Yu's: Cubs vs Mets Prev-Yu

By Danny Rockett

We love you, Yu. So much that some of you will click this link and buy some Yu Darvish merchandise to make him feel better. 

Yu Darvish Chicago Cubs Gear

So, now that we've bought Yu's Shirsey, get his ass to NYC and start a throwing program, or wherever it is injured pitchers go to rehab. Because the Cubs are taking on the Mets and we need Yu back ASAP

The Cubs catch the Mets at a good time to beat them because they have old ass players who are injured as fuck and the best parts of their rotation is nursing a sore finger like the little girl in Sound of Music who can't sing because she hurt her finger. (insert Sound of Music Clip I couldn't find). Im looking at you Thor Injuredgaard and Matz-aball soup for the soul.

Anyway, half the Mets team could take advantage of the senior citizen blue hair special at Denny's and the other half is either in the hospital or young and proving themselves. The Mets have a middle of the road everything, hitting, pitching, defense and though they got off to a hot start, winning 9 in a row in April, their fortunes have flagged recently sitting just a game over even.

The Mets Injury Report is longer than the Bible so I won't print it here but here are some notables you will NOT see (probably)....

Your Anus Cespedes, Todd "I've Always Looked Old" Frazier, Wilmer "Llores" Flores (he cried on the field when he thought he was traded and llorar means "cry" in Spanish), and Thor Injurgaard are all well.... injured. There are others but who cares, you get the point, they are hurt. 

The Mets bullpenis terrible too and blew 2 saves this week. So look for them to suck late. They split 4 with the Braves this week including a Memorial Day double dip, so not only are they injured but tired too. They are almost in one of these.

Some stats comparing the 2 teams I wrote down the other day.


Mets are middle of the road in all offensive categories. 15th-20th in majors

Hit 4 fewer homers than the Cubs 21st, and 16th Cubs

Middle of the road walks. Cubs now 4th most.

11th best in not striking out. Cubs 5th best.

Both Mets and Cubs are bottom 3rd of the league in stealing bases, Mets have 4 more.

Cubs have scored 51 more runs than the Mets



Cubs 3.36, 5th  to Mets 4.23, 19th team ERA

Cubs 3.81 to Mets 4.16 Starters 9th and 15th

Cubs 2.71 to Mets 4.33 relievers 3rd and 23rd

Cubs 3rd in walks, Mets 19th

Mets 7th in Ks Cubs 18th

Cubs given up 3rd fewest homers. Mets 12th most. 14 more



Cubs 9th in Errors, Mets 19th

67 % chance of stealing on Willson/Cubs, 83% chance on stealing against the Mets. Mesoroco and Plawecki

Cubs 4th in DER. .715 Mets….678, 6th worst

And here are your pitching matchups for the weekend 4 game series. If you're buying tickets to any Cubs game, please click our Stubhub links and we can get paid. 


Jose Quintana 5-4, 4.78 vs  Seth Lugo 2.48

6:10 NBC Sports


Jose went 7 IP against the Mets, 2 runs on 6 hits. 7 Ks

Last time against the Giants, 4 runs on 5 hits. 6 Ks (5 in a row) 4.1 innings. Ian Happ’s fault.

Bautista is only 2-22 but they are both homers.

Cespedes is 10-18 with 4 homers.


Lugo hasn’t started yet this year. 2.48 ERA.

8 runs on 7 hits, only lasted 3 ip in 2017 against Cubs

Rizzo has homer. Cubs batting .346 off him. No one has more than 5 PAs.



Wilder Chatwalk 3-4, 4.10 vs. Zack Wheeler 2-4, 5.40

6:10 NBC Sports

Michael Conforto replica jersey


Chatwood walked the side against the Giants, but Cubs still won. Leads the league in walks with 45.

Saw Mets twice last year. In Colorado gave up 8 runs on 8 hits and lasted 5.

In NYC. Only got one out before giving up a grand slam after walking 3.

Jay Bruce kicks the Crap out of him, 9 ABs, 4 hits, 2 homers.

Yoenis, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Adrian Gonzales have homered off him too.


Zack gave up 4 runs on 6 hits hits against milwaukee last time, lasted 6

Cubs knocked him out in the 2nd last year after getting 8 runs on 6 hits as Rizzo and Happ went deep on him. Cubs won 14-3.

Heyward has 2 homers off Wheeler as well.



Mike Montgomery? 1-1, 4.35 Vs. Jacob DeGrom 4-0 1.52 off DL early May.

6:15 on Fox

Todd Frazier BP Pullover Day


Monty was awesome last time out vs. Pirates on Memorial Day.

Pitched 9 total innings against the Mets, started once and went 5. 3 total runs.

Mets only have 26 PA’s against Monty spread over 12 players. No extra base hits.


Degrom went 7, Kd, 8, 1 run and Mets lost 4-3 when they blew it.

Cubs saw him last year, and Jacob pitched a complete game. 1 run.

Rizzo, Russell and Schwarber have homered. KB twice! Bryzzo batting over .300

Baez, Zobrist and Contreras don’t have a hit off him in 22 PAs.


G 4

Jon Lester 5-2, 2.71 vs. Steven Matz? 2-3, 3.55 or maybe rookie or bullpenis terrible game

Abc 7 MLBN 12:10

Mets Fanny Pack Night


Lester got knocked around by the buccos, giving up 4 runs and 8 hits, 2 Lesters and hard contact. But the Cubs won and he went 6 IP.

Saw Mets twice last year, went 6 and 7 IP, 3 total runs. One game had 10 Ks.

Bautista has 5 homers in 61 ABs, but is only batting .230

Wilmer Flores has 3 homers in 16 ABs .375 avg.

Reyes Bruce and Gonzales suck against him.


Matz was taken out after the 3rd because of a finger injury against the Braves on Tuesday. Then the bullpenis blew it. Was good against brewers, 0 runs on 4 hits through 6.

Cubs haven’t seen him since 2016 when they got 7 runs in just over 10 innings over 2 games.

Bryant, Baez and Rizzo have homered off of him.

The Mets bullpen? A Rookie?

Mets used 5 pitchers on Monday to beat the Braves 8-5. Conlon and Robles threw 46 and 45 pitches. Conlon got sent down.


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