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At Least the Crappy Marlins are Coming to Town

By Danny Rockett


Well that sucked. To get swept by the Cardinals the way the Cubs got swept by the Cardinals is just about the worst baseball imaginable. The Cubs kicked the ball around so much I thought I was watching soccer. Untimely errors and hitting lead to unearned runs and un-earned runs. It sucked hard. But here's the bright side. The Cubs will face two teams under .500 this week, beginning with the Marlins for 3 games at Wrigley and then the White Sox over the weekend. The bad news is....the Marlins have been pretty good lately.

After getting swept by Milwaukee, the Marlins have gone on to win their next 4 series against the banged up Trolley Dodgers (who couldn't dodge a trolley apparently), The Rockies, The Phillies (they beat Arrieta), and finally the hapless Reds who don't even have 10 wins yet. Add to that the fact that the Cubs only managed a split of 4 games against the Marlins in the first series of the season, slightly outscoring the last place Marlins 19-18, and it doesn't look as much of a cakewalk as we might have hoped after hearing about Derek Jeter's fire sale. 

Jeter is trying to build an entire time that rhymes with Marlin. So far he has Starlin (Castro) and Jarlin (Garcia). Word has it he's working on getting Jeff Garlin to switch his allegiances from the Cubs to Miami. 

Miami has a record of 13-20, last place and are 7-3 in their last 10. The Cubs are a game over .500 at 16-15 and have split their last 10. 

So far this year, their numbers stink, but the Cubs haven't been much better. These stats are from a couple of days ago, but you get the picture.


Marlins have the lowest OPS in the majors .621. Cubs middle of the pack .724

Marlins hit the least amount of homers  22. Cubs 5th least, 28

5th fewest walks, Cubs 4th fewest walks.

Cubs 6th fewest Ks. Marlins in the middle of the pack.

3rd fewest SB’s to Cubs least SB’s in the majors. Tied with the A’s

Scored the least amount of runs. 99 to Cubs 138, in the middle.



4.63 to 3.38 Team ERA. Advantage Cubs

Starters, 3.91 to 4.38 Advantage Cubs

Relievers 4.94 to 2.57 Advantage Cubs

Marlins given up the 3rd most walks. Cubs 5th most.

Marlins middle of the road in giving up homers. Cubs 8th best.

Marlins middling in Ks, Cubs in the bottom of the league.



Cubs have committed the 3rd most errors. Marlins 6th least.

Marlins lead the league in Caught Stealing and the 5th fewest SBs against. Realmuto is good.

Cubs now middle of the road in throwing runners out.


So unfortunately, the Cubs are simply not that much better than the Marlins, at least offensively so far. Here are the matchups for the games that look like they will be played in cool but dry weather except for possible showers on Wednesday.


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Lefty Jarlin the Marlin Garcia 1-0, 1.09 Vs. Kyle Hendricks 2-2, 3.19

KW Flag day

Rematch of March 30th. Cubs lost 2-1

Cubs only got 1 hit and 0 runs off of Jarlin over 6IP in the first series of the season. Cubs lost 2-1

Last time out gave up 1 run on 4 hits over 6IP against the Dodgers. Marlins lost 2-1

Jarlin has a .848 WHIP

Rizzo, Bryant and Heyward have the only hits in 25 PAs

Kyle gave up 1 run on 4 hits against the Marlins in March. Lasted 6

Last time Kyle gave up 0 runs and 4 hits against the Brewers. 0 walks.

Justin Bour is only 1-11 but it’s a homer.

.530 OPS in 77 total PAs




Jose Urethra 0-5, 4.28 Vs. Yu Darvish 0-3, 6.00


Cubs got 5 runs on 6 hits against urethra on opening day. He walked 4 and lasted 4 innings.

Gave up 1 run on 6 hits against Colorado last time and lasted 7.

Happ has 2 homers, Rizzo and Jay Hey have homers.

Bryant 1-7 with 5 walks.

Cubs have a 1.087 OPS in 71 ABs


Yu gave up 5 runs on 5 hits against the Marlins on 3/31 and lasted 4.1

Last time, 6 runs on 7 hits against Colorado lasted 4.1. Kd 8.

Derek Dietrich homered off of him.

Cameron Maybin only 1-11.



Wei Yin Chen 1-1, 4.82 Vs. Jose Quintana 3-2, 4.99

Cubs haven’t seen him since 2016, 2 runs on 5 hits lasted 7, Kd 7

Last time, 4 runs, 5 hits, walked 4. Lasted 4 against the Reds

Zobrist 48 PAs batting .349 with a homer


Quintana gave up 6 runs on 6 hits in 6 innings against the Marlins on April 1/Easter

Friday night against the Cardinals he gave up 3 unearned runs. 5 hits. Walked 4. Cubs lost.

Starlin Castro is 0-15 and no one has homered off of him.


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