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Cubs Rainout Recap

I would have loved to have written a reckless recap of last nights Cubs Cardinals game to regale you with freezing  tales from the left field port-a-potties, but alas, famed Chicago weatherman Tom Skilling has proven to be part of the Cubs management cabal that rendered an incorrect rain forecast, canceling Tuesday nights sophomore game of the season. 

Granted, I enjoyed a fine evening at home. We ordered Andie's mediterranean food, watched the Brewers fall to the Rockies, (Matt Garza still cannot field his position), and got a nice tweet from the Brewers 'Rally Banana", who was attending the game thanks to some free passes I sent him as an NL Central good will gesture.

Yet, I couldn't help but notice during my forced baseball respite that it never did rain during the time the ballgame against the hated Cardinals would have been played.

The proof is in the putting or (pudding)...

25 minutes to game time.

 The view out my window a mile north of Wrigley at game time. No rain.

The ballgame could be more than halfway over.

Still no rain at the time the game would likely end. And my battery is at 8 percent!!

3:10 AM. I drank Cherry Dr. Pepper and Rum and awoke in the middle of the night needing about 12 Tums to relieve my sleep depriving symptoms. Most of the rain went to the north. 

Twitter was alight in joy and enthusiasm knowing that when this game is finally played, it will likely be with Kris Bryant in the lineup in much warmer weather. This fact also inflates the $10 price I paid for my ticket. A money saving deal for me down the line. Advantage Cubs, Advantage Me.

Yet still, I found myself disappointed that I wasn't able to prove my mettle as a fan by sitting through a cold damp Cubs game in the upper deck. My girlfriend Nicole and I had already packed our Cubs blanket and I had planned to wear an American flag mohawk hat in order to entice the cameras towards me for "fan cam" shots. 

Yesterday's game was canceled too early! Much earlier than games in the past. I heard the news on Twitter before 3pm and received an email from the Cubs an hour later. My suspicion is that Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney responded to the fallout from "P-Gate" by doing a rain dance all day Monday, and then slyly convincing the MLB and the Cardinals to give them an extra day to get the port-o-potties in place. However, they wouldn't have needed the extra toilets last night because it was freezing cold and no one would have been there. 

I'm doubtful too many people will be there today either as temperatures aren't likely to break 50 degrees. 

I realize I'm complaining about something that benefits both the Cubs and I, and ultimately I'm glad I didn't have to freeze my butt off, but I'm just pointing out that I believe there to be shenanigans afoot regarding the early cancelation coupled with fall out from the debacle that was opening night.

I find the whole thing a bit shady, but if that's the kind of underhanded chicanery that results in a World Series Championship, I'm all for it.

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