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Phoenix I Am In You

By Danny Rockett

We made it! After a long winter of complaining to my landlord who turns down the heat during the day when she thinks everyone is at work because she is old and doesn't realize that people work at home these days, Nicole and I are going to a baseball game today. Luckily, our 8:35 PM Southwest Flight was happily uneventful. And even though we were in boarding group C (not a good thing on SW), I managed to get my acoustic guitar into an overhead bin and even managed to snag an exit row seat. I slept the entire time due to lack of available oxygen on the plane. 

Rant time! Why in the fuck do people crowd around the baggage carousel when they have no control over what order the bags come out? If everyone took a step or 2 back we could all see what bags are coming and not have to elbow our way through the throng. It's pathetic and every time it happens, which is every time, I think that humans are too stupid to deserve this earth. It's also unseasonably balls cold here. Ah well...

Yesterday there was a baseball game (hooray!) against the Brewers who won the ONLY game against us they will win all year. Luckily it didn't count. A couple of takeaways...Mike Freeman makes a lot of errors (he only made 1 yesterday, but that was my impression from last year and he didn't disappoint my assumptions). Dario Alvarez is a lot like Dario Argento who makes B horror movies. 2 runs 2 hits and 2 walks. But hey...that's more hits than Dario Argento ever had making movies! Dario's spring ERA is now 18.00. Robby Zastryzny got out of a jam after Freeman's error, helped by one of the 3 Cubs double plays they turned on Friday. A new skinny Schwarber, who looks like a reverse Russian Doll, walked and struck out. And Happ lead off for the Cubs, which we may see a lot of this year according to Joe Maddon. The Cubs lost 2-1 and no one cared.

I might add at this point that the Brewers allowed their starters to have 3 AB's instead of 2 like the Cubs did which contributed to the loss. I sense that they are hoping to have a good Spring to excite the fans about the season, and entice them to buy tickets. I remember when Cubs fans used to think that! Oh look! The Cubs went 17-16 in 2012! We are a .500 team! We were not. We lost 101 games that year. Either way, their major leaguers beat our minor leaguers on Friday.

So what's on the docket for today? 

The Cubs play the Rangers in Texas's first Spring game and the Cubs first Spring home game at Sloan. Clayton Blackburn a 25 year old minor leaguer goes for the Rangers and Eddie "Munster" Butler for the Cubs. Although they will probably only pitch an inning or two this early in Spring. 

Here is todays lineup. First string for the most part! And our first look at Peter Bourjos who is signed to a minor league deal and should provide veteran outfield depth in case anything goes terribly wrong.

Almora CF

Bryant 3B

Rizzo 1B

Contreras C

Heyward RF

Russell SS

Baez 2b

Gimenez DH

Bourjos LF


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